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If you require the help of an expertly-trained team of professionals, dedicated to providing optimal solutions to a variety of audiological needs, look no further than City Hearing. Our Melbourne-based audiology clinic prides itself on offering the highest quality in specialised audiology services: services that include comprehensive hearing assessments and dispensing assistive hearing devices such as hearing aids from the most reputable of manufacturers and brands.


Many hearing problems remain unnoticed by individuals until family or friends start complaining about having to repeat questions during conversation. While a loss of hearing can be temporary or long-lasting, occurring very suddenly or gradually over a period of time, it is always recommended to visit your family doctor or a licensed audiologist in order to investigate any hearing problem, and outline the proper course of action to remedy the issue.

Until recently, little was known pertaining to the influence of constant, loud noises on one’s hearing and the subsequent hearing loss. Fortunately, there is now an increased awareness, particularly among young people and within the workplace, regarding the adverse effects of environmental noise on hearing and the benefits of protective measures, such as sound-muffling headphones that can be worn in loud workplaces.

A greater body of research also suggests that even brief exposure to loud noises, such as high noise music concerts, can also significantly damage one’s hearing, sometimes irreparably. Thus, it is increasingly important to consult your local General Practitioner or book an appointment with a licensed audiologist directly as soon as you suspect a decline in your hearing ability, no matter what your age, lifestyle, or situation. Your doctor may refer you to an audiologist in order to accurately check your hearing, as well as advise you on suitable methods of treatment if necessary.

Not everybody needs hearing aids to combat a hearing loss. However, if you do, you can rest assured that our tightly-knit team of audiologists are all independent practitioners who are well-versed in a wide range of highly sophisticated programmable hearing aids, able to customise the ones most fitting to your needs and lifestyle.

With clinics centrally located in Melbourne CBD and in Kew, City Hearing employs only qualified audiologists, professionally-trained to accurately assess and diagnose cases of hearing loss in both adults and children. Our friendly staff recognise the importance that hearing and the sense of sound has in your day-to-day life. By listening to you and understanding your individual hearing needs, we are then able to provide in-depth personalised care from the moment you step into our Melbourne and Kew clinics for a private consultation.

Some of our patients come in to see us for hearing tests and for general advice on ways in which to maintain healthy hearing; other clients look to discuss specific protective hearing devices tailored to their work environments, such as factories, construction sites, and music studios. But every one of our patients leaves safe in the knowledge that City Hearing has given them the best in expert advice and top-quality customer care – we are happy when our patients are happy.

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