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Dizziness and & Vertigo

Our audiology clinics have qualified audiologists to diagnose and support those suffering from deafness and ear-related problems such as vertigo.

Dizziness refers to the sensation of light- headedness and the feeling of unsteadiness. Dizziness is classified into two categories:

  • Light headedness- a feeling of fainting, and
  • vertigo- a spinning sensation with loss of balance

Not all dizziness has the same symptoms as vertigo. Dizziness is often caused by decreased blood supply to the brain, such as in cases of low blood pressure or severe dehydration.

Vertigo is often associated with inner ear problems, as a result of medical conditions such as Labyrinthitis, Meniere’s Disease, Acoustic neuroma and Barotrauma to the ears. Symptoms of vertigo include unsteadiness, loss of balance and a feeling that the surroundings are spinning around you. Some relief can be felt when you close your eyes, but once you open them again the spinning sensation returns. Sometimes nausea and vomiting maybe associated with vertigo, causing dehydration and weakness.

It is very important to see your GP to determine the cause of your dizziness before any vertigo treatment is sought, as other medical conditions can cause dizziness. Your GP may refer you for audiology assessment since the inner ear contains organs that ensure you keep your balance.

Our audiologists are all highly trained to perform specific diagnostic procedures to ascertain whether a person’s problem with dizziness and balance are linked to an ear condition.

Even though the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo can be completely debilitating, treatment is available and remarkably effective, so we encourage people with vertigo to contact us today.