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Detecting Hearing Problems

Your hearing is one of the most important senses, one that enriches your world and provides vital information from both the human and natural environment. If you think you are suffering from hearing loss then you need to see one of the experts at City Hearing Audiology Services. It is believed that one in every six people will experience a form of hearing loss over their life time. It is something that is occurring to younger people as well, it is certainly not restricted to the elderly.

There is an increasing range of factors that can damage hearing, from personal music players to industrial equipment. Hearing loss can occur over time, or even instantly, when damage or trauma from these environmental factors impacts the nerve endings in the inner ear or along the nerve pathway that leads to the brain. There are also many conditions and diseases that can affect hearing.

The damage can decrease an individual’s overall hearing ability, as well as their understanding of speech. Depending on the cause of hearing loss and the individual there are also a range of other symptoms that may occur.

If you believe that you have experienced hearing loss then you need to come to City Hearing Audiology Services. We can provide a comprehensive auditory test to evaluate your hearing. Once we have an understanding of the damage we can then offer you a range of different treatment and amelioration options.

Don’t let your hearing loss impact your life, we can help diagnose and treat your hearing loss.