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Privacy Statement


In accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles 2014, City Hearing is committed to ensuring the privacy of the personal information it collects and holds. To be able to meet the needs of clients referred to City Hearing, some personal information is required.   City Hearing guarantees that –

  • only personal information required to meet clients’ needs is collected;
  • clients’ personal information is only used and disclosed for the purposes of meeting clients’ needs;
  • clients’ personal information is stored securely to ensure there is no unauthorised access;
  • individual clients can access their own personal information confidentially and if necessary request that inaccuracies are corrected;
  • clients’ personal information is not used for mailing campaigns or provided to third parties for such campaigns;
  • when the assistance of another organisation is required, City Hearing supervises any access to clients’ personal information;
  • clients’ personal information is not disclosed to any organisation which operates outside of Australia;
  • any complaint about the use of personal information will be taken seriously and handled through a transparent complaints procedure;
  • it abides by the various legal obligations which impose specific obligations on how personal information is handled and stored; and
  • clients’ personal information securely stored for eight years after the last contact and then destroyed in accordance with corporate record disposal systems.

A full copy of the Australian Privacy Principles 2014 is available in our Office. Should you have any concerns or questions about your personal information, please contact us on hearwell@cityhearing.com.au.