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Hearing Test In Melbourne

Comprehensive Hearing Tests by Melbourne’s Premier Audiologists

Soundscapes add innumerable layers of richness to our lives and the world around us. Sound can convey vitally important information, through the shrill warning of a ringing fire alarm; or provide immeasurable beauty and joy, through the magnificence of a finely-crafted piece of music. As such, our hearing is an essential sense, enhancing all experiences. However, It is also one of the most delicate senses – one that is particularly targeted by the outside world: imagine the blaring of headphones, rumbling of jet engines, roaring of power tools and the general hustle-bustle of modern living that are leading to an increasing number of people to suffer from varying degrees of loss of hearing.

If you are one of the many people at risk of developing hearing loss, or have suffered any kind of hearing loss, or simply want to determine the level of your hearing, then a hearing assessment is sure to help. Here at City Hearing, we are very proud to offer comprehensive and cost-effective hearing tests at our Melbourne CBD and Kew audiology clinics to help keep your hearing in as good a shape as it can be, regardless of age.

Our Melbourne-based team of highly-experienced audiologists are qualified to expertly diagnose any hearing issues you may have. Using a range of sensitive tools and specialised instruments to conduct painless, sophisticated hearing tests – both objective and subjective – our friendly, dedicated staff will measure any hearing loss incurred, as well as identify hearing- related problem areas. The difference between subjective and objective tests is simple. Subjective tests involve the client actively indicating when they are able to hear a particular noise, pitch, or frequency during a battery of testing procedures. Alternatively, objective tests involve the audiologist conducting a variety of thorough examinations to investigate whether any sonic damage or physical trauma has occurred, and whether it is affecting the various physiological components of hearing.

At City Hearing, our audiology experts offer a range subjective and objective hearing tests that allow us to precisely pinpoint the acute areas of hearing loss. This is in order to effectively recommend the proper course of treatment or outline other ameliorative options, such as hearing devices.

Our clinics are outfitted with the latest, cutting-edge audiological equipment to ensure that our team of specialist audiologists provide you with optimal medical treatments currently available. City Hearing’s Melbourne CBD and Kew clinics provide excellent service. You can either self-refer with an appointment and step into our Melbourne CBD Clinic after work, or be referred to us by your local GP to the clinic most convenient to you.

Whatever the case, don’t suffer in silence – call City Hearing on 1300 363 168 today.