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High-Fidelity Hearing Aid Devices

A decline in hearing throughout life is far more common than most people realise. Having to turn the volume up of your television, or far louder than usual, is typically one of the early signs indicating that your hearing has become less effective than it once was in the past. A hearing loss can occur gradually over a prolonged period of time, developing so incrementally that you may not actually realise you are experiencing issues with your hearing. If this is the case, we encourage you to consider booking an appointment with one of our qualified audiologists at City Hearing. By scheduling a comprehensive hearing test, our experienced audiologists can assess the status of your hearing and provide you with effective solutions to any identified hearing issue.

Our highly-specialised audiologists work from two convenient locations offering Special Needs Facilities and accessible by public transport: City Hearing Kew and City Hearing Melbourne CBD (Collins Street). Our team of experienced audiologists is qualified to perform a range of hearing diagnostic tests and thorough sonic evaluations, identifying the type and degree of hearing loss that may be affecting a patient. Our audiologists will give practical advice about hearing protection and managing hearing loss in everyday situations. If necessary, they will also recommend cost-effective management options, such as different types of hearing aid devices that can be customised to your specific hearing problem and lifestyle needs.

As a privately-owned and run practice – free from affiliations with any hearing aid manufacturer – City Hearing is proud to provide our patients with unbiased, professional medical opinion. Our sole focus is the health and well-being of our patients: we guarantee scientifically-tested, strictly independent hearing advice.

Our helpful staff look to service the needs of patients who may not be eligible for healthcare assistance through Government Funding Schemes. This means that our entire range of hearing aids are therefore available at very competitive prices – without sacrificing quality of materials and sophistication of design.

Both our audiology clinics in Kew and Melbourne have access to some of the world’s finest audiological technologies and hearing impairment devices. We offer a wide range of devices from various manufacturers in the hearing aid industry and recommend only the best hearing aid that suits you – tailored to your own specific needs.

Our patients mean the world to us, so all the affordable hearing devices that City Hearing offers are from trusted, reputable brands and manufacturers. Our audiologists work closely with all our patients in determining the most suitable products that deliver maximum benefit. They will sit down with you to outline your exact hearing goals, everyday circumstances and personal preferences in guiding you choose the best hearing aid devices for you!

To guarantee complete patient satisfaction and total assurance of quality work, City Hearing is proud to provide a 12-month Clinical Aftercare plan, with all devices purchased through our Kew or Melbourne audiology clinics carrying a 2-year or 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

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